I found my way into 🧑‍🎨 design because of 🎶 music and stayed as I experienced it's profound 🖤 impact on our everyday lives.


Pronunciation: klint mec-man-uh-man Nickname: El Clinto, Clinto Pronouns: He/Him Past lives: Farmer, Drummer, Documentarian




My Story

I grew up in Oklahoma🤠  but do not have an "Okie" accent, nor am I a cowboy (but I have been to known to say "y'all" in Zoom calls and Slack threads from time to time).

My passions are mindful living, drumming with friends in bands, and being a Dad.

I found my way into design because of music and stayed as I experienced it's profound impact on our everyday lives.

A majority of my experience over the past decade has been in digital product design including; design system building, ux ui design, prototyping, and motion design for mobile and web.

My design principles

Always put people at the center of the work —finding a balance between human needs, business goals, and technology.

Be iterative, flexible and collaborative — always open to hearing other people’s ideas.

Go with your gut when experimenting, let data guide the decision making, measure what matters when possible.

I'm at my best when working within constraints to deliver beautiful, usable, large scale solutions that add value to the lives of people everywhere.

I believe one of the best parts of being a designer is helping people connect with others and improve their lives through technology. As part of that journey I enjoy working closely with different people, teams, and functions to accomplish innovative goals.

Thanks for stopping by! I love to meet new people, please reach out and introduce yourself.