Clutterfree is a plan to declutter your life, right in your pocket.

My Role Product Design Lead, UX UI Design, Research, Prototyping, Usability Testing

Timeline 2020 Headway

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Becoming Minimalist came to Headway with the challenge to transform all of the knowledge and experience from their highly successful Uncluttered Course into an engaging mobile tool to help more people declutter their lives.

The decluttering process founded by the Becoming Minimalist team is the first stepping stone for those starting their journey into living a life with a minimalist mindset. It creates a reduced attachment to things to create space for things that matter—relationships, experiences, and freedom.

How can the decluttering process found in the Becoming Minimalist online course reach a new audience and evolve into a tactile tool that is delightful to use?



Through interviews with current users of the Uncluttered Course we learned that, while people get value from the online course, they were looking for a solution that:

makes the decluttering process easy to tackle, something they can pick up and do as time allows, season to season

adapts to the unique spaces in their home

tracks their progress and rewards them along the way

We examined how people accessed, subscribed, and utilized the Uncluttered Course, learning what bits of the course were most useful to users and how those could translate into a mobile app experience.

We explored customer journeys and potential flows the online course could take within a mobile app experience.

Gain Confidence


After subsequent interviews with current and potential customers I began sketching out a number of different interaction models and concepts for the app experience.

I presented these initial sketches along with some preliminary wireframes to our team. We discussed each direction and converged on a direction to move forward with high fidelity concepts.


Iterate & Validate

Over the course of a couple weeks I prototyped a few mobile concepts and we tested them with our Uncluttered Course subscribers group as well as with a group of people who had never used any similar service, plan, or course to declutter their life and learned that similar to the Uncluttered Course users:

People want a source of motivation and education to live a minimal lifestyle.

People want a tool that adapts to the unique spaces in their home.

People want a solution that makes the decluttering process easy to tackle, something they can pick up and do as time allows.

With these insights I refined those initial concepts and created and launched a landing page featuring our primary concept to a controlled group of Uncluttered Course subscribers and to a wider audience via social media ads.


Iterate, Prototype, Repeat

The landing page proved to be successful and we were off to iterate on those initial app concepts, mapping out the UX for what would become the Clutterfree app.

We explored various features for the app during this time, prototyping ideas, testing, fine-tuning in Figma and continued to prioritize features to build utilizing the MoSCow prioritization method in Stories on Board as we marched toward our final design.



Design System & Prototypes

As I worked through concepts I established a component library in Figma based on the Atomic Design Methodology. As the wireframes grew into fully fleshed out screens and high fidelity prototypes, the library kept all the beautiful bits in check and served as the source of truth for design to our engineers.

Along with the final visual design I assembled prototypes for the different app features with Principle, documented screens in Figma and recorded Loom video walkthroughs to help demonstrate how interactions looked and felt as a resource for our engineers. All of this was organized into a Notion dashboard.



⌁ Successful Launch on iOS & Android

⌁ The Uncluttered Course evolved into a tactical tool

⌁ Thousands of new subscribers, resulting in a new audience for Becoming Minimalist

⌁ Featured on sites like Treehugger and LifeHacker

⌁ See also the Headway Case Study

Clutterfree was designed to help people. Not only live a life free of clutter, but to be guided on that journey each day. When you use Clutterfree, you never question what to do next. You are always set up for success and rewarded for your hard efforts. Isn't that what all experiences should be like?


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